About Anthony Portigliatti.

Professor Anthony B. Portigliatti Ph.D, is a U.S. citizen of Italian descent. He was born in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, where he lived for 16 years, and then moved to Brazil where he lived for 28 years. In 1999, he moved with his family to the United States to become president of Florida Christian University and develop other business projects.

He is currently the President and Chancellor of Florida Christian University, President of The American Coaching and Mentoring Association (A.C.M.A.), Lakehurst Building, LLC and SOAR Global Institute. As a business executive, he has held important positions in Brazil and abroad, such as Executive Vice President of Group Formitex, holding conglomerate Formica, and Formiplac Formilaine in Brazil, Formica Formicolor, Argentina and Lamett, in the Netherlands.